Sharron Biegalski

Megan Wallace helped my husband and me negotiate the difficult settlement of my mom's estate. Megan was professional, intuitive, wise, and compassionate. She was truly brilliant! After mom's estate experience with Megan we asked her to create our comprehensive estate plan. Megan patiently explained each document, answering all our questions. Then she crafted separate Last Will and Testaments plus Living Trusts for each of us in addition to four more documents that completed our estate plan. The final documents were finished quite quickly.When my husband passed away Megan was very compassionate and supportive. Our estate plan strongly led the way and Megan always made herself available to guide me. At this point one of our sons had passed away, so Megan updated my Living Trust to create Trusts for his children. She also created an Operating Agreement for my LLC. I am blessed to have Megan as my Estate Attorney and my friend.