Maryland Probate

After the death of a Maryland resident, loved ones are faced with the task of administering the deceased person’s estate, also known as probate. The Maryland probate process can be confusing and stressful, especially to those unfamiliar with it. At Wallace Law, we are committed to making the difficult period following a loved one’s passing easier for our clients.

Understanding the Maryland Probate Process

When a Maryland resident dies owning assets in his or her own name, a probate estate must be opened in the Register of Wills office in the county in which that person lived. If the deceased person had a last will and testament, that document typically nominates an executor, also called a personal representative or fiduciary. The personal representative, with the assistance of experienced counsel, should file the appropriate petition to open the estate, but does not have any authority to act on behalf of the estate until he or she is granted Letters of Administration. If there is no will, Maryland law provides a list of those with priority to serve as the personal representative, usually a close family member of the deceased.

The personal representative then has a number of duties, including identifying and securing estate assets, giving notice to heirs and creditors, and managing estate business. The services of an experienced probate attorney are invaluable in ensuring that necessary petition and related documents are prepared correctly and filed or served in a timely fashion, preventing unnecessary delays.

Attorney Megan Wallace has extensive experience in Maryland probate practice, and concentrates her practice exclusively in the areas of probate, trust administration, and estate planning. Her services include assisting the personal representative with:

  • Preparing and filing documents required to open the probate estate
  • Identifying, locating, securing, and inventorying estate assets
  • Notifying heirs and creditors of probate proceedings
  • Making sure that court fees and estate expenses are paid in a timely fashion
  • Preparation of state and federal estate tax returns
  • Evaluation of creditor claims against the estate and payment of legitimate claims
  • Resolution of ancillary probate matters
  • Preparation and filing of accountings with the Register of Wills office
  • Coordinating with other professionals, such as accountants and financial advisers, to seamlessly manage estate business
  • Distribution of estate assets and efficiently closing the estate

Megan Wallace also assists heirs and beneficiaries of an estate in understanding and preserving their rights under Maryland law.

Compassionate, Experienced Guidance for Maryland Probate Matters

At Wallace Law, probate and estate planning are all we do. We take pride in being accessible and responsive to our clients and offering clear, compassionate guidance at every step of the Maryland probate process. Attorney Megan Wallace offers personalized attention to each client, and efficient, thorough service designed to resolve probate matters without unnecessary delays.

We know that the period after a death is a difficult one for our clients, and we do everything possible to explain the probate process, clarify their responsibilities, and make their duties as personal representative easier. We invite you to contact Wallace Law to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Assistance With Ancillary Probate Matters in Maryland

When a person dies owning real estate or certain other property in a state other than the one in which they lived at the time of their death, that property may need to go through probate in the state and county in which it is located. This process is known as ancillary probate or foreign probate. Wallace Law regularly coordinates with attorneys handling probate cases in other states to file and conduct ancillary probate matters in Maryland.